Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm sure I'll laugh tomorrow...

We inherited the play house above from family members, last summer. As you can see from the toys (and kid planted flower pot), it's been getting a lot of play time this summer, especially from my middle two (9 year old A, and her 7 year old brother). They've spent many happy hours sweeping, and cleaning it out, and sitting it, imaging it was a real house.
Really, it's been kind of heart warming.

But, you know those times, when you notice something slightly odd, or out of place, and your momsense starts tingling?

The last week, or so, the kids have been restless, I'm guessing because of the warmer weather. They've been doing some crazy things. So, I really shouldn't have ignored the sticky red stuff on the front of the freezer in the garage. I figured the kids had probably been raiding the Popsicles, but I didn't follow up.

If I had, I probably would have opened the freezer, and found the tampered with container of frozen raspberries.

But, I got distracted, and forgot about it, instead.

I probably should have paid more attention to the amount of time my sweet little pair spent playing, quietly outside this morning, too. But, I was cleaning up crayon scrape art, and pop tart pieces from the kitchen, and was just happy they were spending some time out in the fresh air.

I really should have gone out to see what they were up to, instead of just calling out the window.

Again, something about their happy little, "we're in the play house, Mom." - had my momsense tingling, but I neglected to investigate.

A mother should never neglect to investigate, as I was reminded of again tonight, when I went out to pick up the stray toys, the children had left out in the yard. I was about to toss a couple of play food items into the play house through the open window, when the box of Froot Loops caught my eye.

I usually break down the empty boxes, and put them under the sink. And, the craft scissors were on the play house table, along with some bowls, and some mysterious crumbs.

Suddenly, all those mystery novels I've been reading lately, started coming to mind.

  1. The little ones' missing tea things - check.

  2. The missing craft scissors, for opening the not empty box of Froot Loops - check.

  3. The bowl with a few old chocolate chips - check.

  4. The closed box, which I opened to find...coconut - check.

But, and I'll admit the gears of my mind were turning somewhat slowly, there was something else. Something, not quite right...

...ah yes, the safety seal from a brand new jar of peanut butter - check.

Now, everything was becoming clear.

There was a hidden stash. They had been setting up a home of their own - for real.

You should really never, never ignore the tingly momsense! The poor Man of the House was rendered speechless (well, almost speechless). I really wasn't sure whether to yell, laugh, or cry. It wouldn't be so bad, but we just spent two hours buying groceries, meant to last two weeks, last night - not my husband's favorite chore. He wanted to try saving the food.

I didn't have the heart to show him where they've been doing their dishes.

There's no way I'm eating peanut butter, that's had one of those spoons dipped in it!


Ticia said...

Nice. My kids haven't done that yet. Emphasis on yet.

Kylie said...

ROFl!!!! Nice work, at least they weren't going to go hungry hehehe

Butterfly said...

I got a kick out of reading this, and my husband had a laugh too. But we're not silly, we didn't show the kids!!!

Our last incident like this involved foil easter egg wrappers found in wardrobes and under beds. Your kids have executed a much more sophisticated operation.

Debbie said...

I couldn't help but laugh. Were they getting ready to move out?

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I was just thinking why my daughter doesn't play in her playhouse much. Now I know - she can't open the fridge yet. All I can say - you are raising very resourceful kids who can take care of themselves :)

Unknown said...

Well, if it "helps", I'm laughing now... :0)

Unknown said...

I just found your blog. Love it. This post made me smile. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what they had been up to. I do that all the time.. turn a blind eye to what I know is probably some kind of mischief because they are happy and quiet outside.. and I really don't want to know.. because I accomplish so much while they are getting in trouble outside. :)

Evenspor said...

Mom, Dad, we have our own place now...

monica @ paperbridges said...

good for them! and what a great free house.

TiffanyB said...

Oh man! This sounds just like something my little stinker 3 1/2 year old twin boys would do. But hey at least they washed their dishes! LOL