Friday, February 5, 2010

What My Child is Reading - February 6, 2010

This week we read, one book by Diane Goode:

We really liked The Dinosaur's New Clothes by Diane Goode, so I had high hopes for Mind Your Manners! - the title alone had promise. However, the text of the book was taken largely from a lesson on manners, contained in a spelling book, from 1802. While that was interesting to me, statements like - "Bend thy body a little downward to they plate, when thou movest any thing to thy mouth." - proved too archaic for the children.

Three books by Loreen Leedy:

I'd have to say we were lukewarm on this one, my youngest two sat through it, but I don't think they really followed, or enjoyed it. The story is told through a series of dialogue bubbles, some for the aliens learning about the humans, and some for the humans, who are making friends. The format proved confusing for my 3 year old, boring for my 5 year old, and too simplistic for the older children.

Apart from an awkward beginning, "The sea turtles swim free in the ocean, eating, floating, mating.", this book wasn't too bad. I found the story, of the life cycle of the loggerhead turtle, a little dreary, and thought the turtles were kind of ugly, but it is educational, and the children did seem to enjoy it.

The Edible Pyramid was a big hit with my 3 and 5 year old. They liked all the bright pictures of food, and we learned a lot more about the newfangled food pyramid.

And, one book by Margarett S. Reid:

This was the big hit for us this week. It is a simple story of a little boy, playing with the buttons in his grandmother's button box. If you go back, and read my post on our button box, you'll not only have the gist of this story, but you'll understand why we love it.

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It's great to be a homeschooler.


Debbie said...

We have enjoyed books by Margarett Reid. I will have to look for this book as well.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I found the turtle one at our library last summer and after reading the mating part stuck it back on the shelf. I'm not ready for questions about that, thank you very much. :) I'll have to take another look at it sometime and perhaps do some editing. I think we'll look for the food pyramid one too. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Too funny about Manners book. We read How Humans Make Friends, and Anna loved about two thirds of it, but could never finish it in one sitting. I really think that the book would be better if it wasn't so long. I am looking forward to reading Postcards from Earth - we just got it in the library based on your recommendation.