Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lion and Lamb Cookies for March

Our craft last night, inspired our snack for today. It turns out a flower cookie shape, works quite nicely for both a lion, and a lamb. You can find similar cookies in Google Images. I didn't really copy any one in particular, but I definitely got my inspiration from there.

These could be done a lot more frugally by using homemade frosting, but I had bought some of these store bought frosting tubes, that come with the decorative tips, on a sale, after blowing out my pastry bag, so I figured I might as well use them.

I drew the faces on, with an edible pen, but they could just as easily have been piped on with frosting. Then I piped on black ears, and legs for the sheep, and surrounded them with white frosting, using a star tip. I used the star tip for the lions' manes too, but with orange frosting.

I think these would be cute, frosted in white, or orange, with marshmallow wool, and candy sprinkle manes, too. Either way, they're super simple, and just in time for March.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Jamie said...

So cute! Love the idea of using flower cookie cutters. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Oh man- another fun activity I MUST include with our introduction of Spring!