Monday, March 8, 2010

Making a Sundial

With daylight savings time coming up this weekend, I thought we'd spend some time this week, on time telling activities.

The sun broke out this afternoon, despite a rainy forecast for the week, so I decided to grab the opportunity to make a sundial with the kids.

We found a great, Exploratorium printout, that walked us right through the process. All you need besides the printout, is a pencil, a compass (lucky thing we made one this morning!), and some sun.

The children took turns looking at the clock, and trying to figure out the time, and bringing up a lot of good questions:

  • Why are there two sets of numbers on the clock printout? One set is for standard time, and the other is for daylight savings time.

  • Why don't the numbers go all the way around the clock? Since there's no sun out at night, there are only numbers for the daylight hours.

  • What happens if the sun goes behind the clouds? That probably means it's nap time.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Kez said...

Funny, we started making a sundial yesterday - but then it came over cloudy and looked like rain so we abandoned it - to be continued later this week I hope!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I like the answer to the last question :) Goodness - it is DST already???

Ticia said...

I had to explain to Jeff why I was laughing after reading your post, that last answer made me laugh.
I don't want it to be DST yet, I'm not ready to lose my hour of sleep.

Just Jenn said...

We have a huge sundial in our town... so ... I was lazy and just took my kids to the sundial with daddy... on a weekend... and let him answer all the questions! ;) Seriously... cute post! clever idea to make your own! love it!
Just Jenn ~
I might even be inspired to take them back to the big sundial this spring!

Marcee said...

Leah, seriously, you are a walking encyclopedia!