Monday, November 23, 2009

Making Thankyou Cards - An Unplugged Project

The Unplugged Project theme this week, at Unplug Your Kids, was thanks, which worked perfectly for us, as our birthday girl had some thank you cards to prepare for her grandparents.

Since our grandparents are far away, and could not be at the birthday party, we started by taking a picture of the birthday girl with her various presents, and dressed in her new birthday outfit. I printed one picture for each card on pieces of card stock, with the appropriate present pictured, in a 5'' x 7'' size, so they only took up half the page.

Then I folded the cards, so the pictures were on the inside, and tea stained the outsides, by dabbing them with a wet tea bag (this step really didn't add much, except to soften the blank white look of the paper). When they were dry, the birthday girl wrote (or traced), "Thanks" on the outside, and signed the inside with her love, and some drawings.

We made envelopes for our cards by cutting, and folding up paper grocery bags. We decorated them with cookie cutter and acrylic paint stamps. I would have loved to have followed, this, tutorial for sewing envelopes with a zigzag stitch, but I figured if the cards had to wait for me to set up the sewing machine, they might never get mailed. So, we settled for sealing the edges with packing tape.

And, after a quick trip to the mail box, our project was complete.

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It's great to be a homeschooler.


Peterson Party said...

Great job! I love creative thank you notes!

momandkiddo said...

I didn't even think of thank you notes... what a great idea. So important for kids to learn early!

Rana said...

I like this idea. We are going to have to try it out.