Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Circle Craft Turkey for Preschool or Kindergarten

Now that we are moving well into November, the time has come to replace the crows on our fridge with something a little more seasonally appropriate. So, together with the kindergartner in the house, I gathered up the scissors, glue, and a few sheets of construction paper, and prepared to rectify the situation.
I traced out 13 circles for her to cut (that was pushing the limit a bit, but she managed to cut them all in one sitting). The sizes, and colors we used were:

  • 7 circles with a 5'' diameter - one red, one orange, one yellow, and two brown.

  • 1 brown circle with a 3'' diameter.

  • 5 circles with a 1.5'' diameter - one red, one orange, one yellow, and two white.

  • 2 black circles in with a .5'' diameter

The sizes don't really matter, all that much, as long the proportions stay about the same. And, we were all out of brown construction paper, so we used a paper bag instead.

Once all the circles were cut, I folded the red, orange, and the larger of the yellow circles into eighths, and asked my assistant to cut the lines to form pie shaped wedges.

This was a nice opportunity to discuss fractions, as we also cut the smaller yellow circle into quarters, and one of the large brown circles in half.

Finally, it was time to start gluing our turkey together. We started by gluing the white, and black circle eyes, onto the smaller brown circle head.

Then, we added two small wedges from the the red and orange circles, for the beak, and beard.

The head was glued to the larger brown circle body, and the two brown circle halves were added, as wings.

Two of the quarter wedges of yellow, and six of the larger eighth wedges of red, yellow, and orange (two for each color), were glued to the back of the turkey, for feet, and tail feathers.

Finally, I glued on a magnetic strip (part of the magnetic business card I cut apart for our scarecrow), for easy hanging...

...and we were done.

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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Sarah said...

My kids and I made this a few days ago. They are 2 and 4. They had a great time and they turned out really cute. Thanks