Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I've been enjoying reading all the list of resolutions, and goals for the new year, posted in the blogosphere. And, of course I've been working on my own list, which has been a lot of fun in the emotional crucible of a visit home.

My husband, and I, have been walking the children down memory lane a lot this week, taking them to the church where we were married, our first home together, and our favorite date spot coffee shop. It's given us a lot of time to take inventory of where we started out, where we are, and where we'd like to be.

I keep a scrap of paper in my pocket, so I can jot each new goal down, as it occurs to me. This morning I took a few minutes to glance over the hodge podge. My scrap of paper is filled with all the normal resolutions: exercise more, eat less, study a new language, read the entire Bible through again, read more in general, master four new hymns on the piano, become friends with my sewing machine, and so on. Not to mention all my goals for homeschooling, which I keep on a separate scrap of paper.

I decided, that before I jump right in, in my normal flibberty-gibbety kind of fashion, I should take a minute to break down the list, and find the bigger goals behind the individual resolutions. Then maybe, knowing what it was I was really hoping to achieve, I might have a better chance of achieving it.

Being quite general, here are the four resolutions, all my little resolutions seem to boil down to:

  1. Be More Disciplined

  2. Be More Organized

  3. Be More Giving

  4. Be More Useful

I think these will be my mantra, and measuring stick for my activities in the new year. Either that, or I'll scrap them all, and dive right in to a pile of "Do Every Thing Under The Sun in 15 Minutes a Day" books - I did mention that I was a flibbertigibbet, didn't I?

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I am a flibbertigibbet myself. I like how you broke down your goals into categories, and how "be more disciplined" comes first. I do have major problems with that here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Ticia said...

Add me to the list of "flibbertigibbets" Is that from Veggietales?
Hence why our Christmas countdown ended at day 5, and that was with completing 3 days at once.