Monday, August 3, 2009

Counting Sheep, 3-D Cookies

I saved the Bahhh-licious Crackers, at Design Sponge, into my favorites file a few months ago. It is simply one of those projects that looked ridiculously tedious, and time consuming, but too cute not to try sooner, or later. So, when the kids put in a request this week, for more baking type projects, it was the first on my list to try.

On the Design Sponge site, these little sheep, are presented as crackers, standing in a green field of soup. My children aren't real big soup fans, and there's no way I'd even think of serving them green soup, so I put the sheep template, that I printed from the site, together with our favorite sugar cookie recipe instead.

The kids happily helped mix up the dough, but wanted nothing to do with the truly tedious job of cutting out the sheep, with two sets of legs each, and one set of ears. My oldest son, did return in time to help plate the sheep. We used peanut butter keep the legs from slipping out from under the sheep, and a pumpkin carving knife to increase the notches, so the pieces would fit together better.

The legs for the sheep seemed to be a little long (except for the one we broke, as we were taking it off the pan). It kind of gave our herd a funny moose like quality. But, the kids got a pretty big kick out of them. It's not a snack I'd make every night, after all, the ratio of 1 hour to make, to five minutes to eat, is a little out of proportion, but it was fun for a special treat.

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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