Monday, December 21, 2015

Free Crochet Pattern Link - Baby Dinosaur.

After I finished up the Sleepy Sarah baby gnome doll for my great-niece (maybe that should be grand-niece?), I got to thinking it wasn't very nice to send her a gift and leave her older brother completely out (not so close to Christmas, anyway).

Living a couple of states away, and being only a grand-aunt, I don't really know the little guy in question all that well, so I went neutral and searched out a dinosaur pattern.  I'm thinking he's about seven.  Seven year olds still like dinosaurs, right? 

My kids liked him anyway. I had a hard time keeping them from whisking him away to their rooms before I could get him safely packed up into a box for mailing.  Even T (age 18) gave him a grin - pretty high praise from a college student.

You can find the free pattern by Jana Whitley, here, at  The only thing I changed for mine, was to use an (F) Hook instead of an (E), and I looped through with a different colored yarn to crochet a row of single stitches down the back - for interest.

The pattern is a pure joy to follow.  It's very clear and nicely organize, and simple (all single crochets and no embroidery!).  The project itself is a do-in-one-sitting sort, perfect for this busy time right before Christmas. 


MaryAnne said...

These are both adorable! Adding the patterns to my "to try" collection.

Camie said...

I love all your crochet projects. These are sweet.

Ticia said...

So very very cute.