Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Verry Merry Christmas Book Flood to You!

A (age 14) saw a post, with the picture below attached, from one of her friends on Facebook.  Naturally, as an enthusiastic bibliophile, she thought it sounded like a great tradition.

Our Christmas Eves are already tradition-laden, but I thought maybe a fun compromise might be to make a Christmas book run part of our week before Christmas tradition.  So, yesterday, I loaded up the gang (minus T who was working, and who is already buried under a pile of books for his college reading) into the minivan, and headed to the bookstore.

Instead of buying books for each other, each of us picked a book ourselves, with the goal in mind of finding something that might keep us busy reading through the week, until Christmas Day.

A (age14) had no trouble finding a cozy mystery to curl up with (I really wanter her to get Wuthering Heights, but she wasn't sure she was ready to commit to another classic, just yet).  The younger children (ages 9-12) opted for short Minecraft handbooks and modding manuals.  G (age 16), who does not share her sister's love of books, finally snatched a You-tuber's book off the shelf, after getting tired of the rest of us, with our books in hand, following her around the store, asking if she had found anything yet.

As I mentioned, T(age 18) has more than enough required reading to keep him busy for the week...month...year, but we did snatch a copy of the next book he needs to read for his health class, for him.

And, I picked up a copy of The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story by Lily Koppel, which I think the Man of the House might also read, while I'm busy finishing up my latest Kindle book acquisition...

...purchased after the boys came back from the movie with positive reviews, and enough spoilers, that I decided I might as well read it for myself.

Anyway, with books in hand, we hit the coffee shop for some hot drinks, and Christmas goodies (because of course, we don't have enough of those at home already), before heading home for an afternoon of quiet reading.  The younger children were done with their short books before the day was out, but can exchange with each other for another couple of afternoon's of reading, and the rest of us will be quite happily ensconced in our stories for the rest of the week, at least.

All in all, it was a very nice beginning to what we hope will become a new tradition for our family.

Thanks Iceland!  And a very merry Christmas book flood to you!


Dawn said...

I love the idea of a book flood. I am going to tuck that one away for next year.
Blessings, Dawn

Unknown said...

I saw that idea on Facebook as well. So awesome that you actually did it!

Camie said...

That's a fantastic tradition! My girls and I each read Christmas romances at this time and we have a shelf in our den of Christmas novels we swap out. Then we read one Christmas story every night as a family and we often give books to each other as gifts that we start reading after Christmas. Books are a great way to spend the holiday break.

Ticia said...

That sounds like a wonderful Christmas tradition to me.

MaryAnne said...

I bought four books for my kids to share - but four so that they each got to unwrap one.