Monday, December 7, 2015

19 Free Christmas Themed Spelling Worksheets and Games

Game from TeacherspayTeachers
It has been so nice to have all the Christmas themed math pages linked and ready for printing, I thought maybe I'd line up a list of Christmas spelling links, too.  It happens that there are plenty out there.  I'd only visited four different websites when I realized I'd found more than enough free spelling worksheets to easily keep the girls busy from now through Christmas.

The links below are aimed at 3rd-6th grade spellers.  All the worksheets and games are currently free, but you do need to log in to access the Teachers pay Teachers and printables.

1. Holiday Word Challenge - Use the letters from "Winter Holidays" to solve a series of riddles from Teachers pay Teachers.

2-5. Christmas Word Puzzles - Two word searches, a Christmas crossword, and a word scramble from Teachers pay Teachers.

6. Ho Ho Ho Homophone Game - A challenging board game for practicing proper word usage from Teachers pay Teachers.

7. Christmas Crossword - from

8. Christmas Word Scramble - from

9. Christmas Nativity Crossword - from

10. Christmas Letter Tiles - Cut out and rearrange letters tiles to spell the names of Santa's reindeer, from Classroom Jr.

11. Santa Word Search - from Classroom Jr.

12-14.  Christmas Mad Libs - Three mad libs from Classroom Jr.

15. Winter Words Cryptogram - from Classroom Jr.

16 - 18. Christmas Word Ladder - spelling puzzles from Classroom Jr.

19 (and 20).  Christmas Crossword and Word Search that can be printed or played online at ABCya!


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This is cool, especially Mad Libs!

Ticia said...

My printer is already mad at you for the math links. My kids however thank you for the bit of fun math they did today.

MaryAnne said...

Thanks for this resource! My kids find homophones entertaining.