Wednesday, December 9, 2015

17 Christmas Science Projects from Almost Unshoolers' Christmases Past

I was going to link-up 17, or so, Christmas science projects from around the Web, that we might do between now and Christmas.  Then I realized, there are quite a few right here I (and hopefully the children) wouldn't mind giving a second try.

So, from the Almost Unschooling archives, why not:

1. Build a Christmas Gnome-Bot.

2. Host a Christmas Tea (and learn about pH indicators).

3. Speaking of pH, how about making a packet of Poinsettia pH indicator paper?

4. Or, if you don't want to tear up your centerpiece - cranberries make pretty good pH indicators, too.

5. If you're paying attention you've probably realized that any natural red makes for a good pH indicator (because of the anthocyanin), which at Christmas (at least around here) means pomegranates, as well.

6. Engineer a toothpick and gumdrop "tree".

7. Make reindeer fly with static electricity.

8. Diffract Christmas lights with a feather.

9. Refract and reflect Christmas lights through water.

10. Add Christmas lights to electric play dough.

11. Identify a Christmas tree.

12. Experiment with Christmas candy - melting and expanding marshmallow Santas.

13. Experiment with Christmas Candy - Seizing the Chocolate.

14. Experiment with Christmas Candy - Blooming Chocolate.

15. Craft Christmas-themed Convection Spinners.

16. Simple Snow Science - find out how much water your snow holds (assuming you have snow).

17. And if you do have snow, don't forget to go outside and take a look at who's been walking through your yard.

Do you have a favorite Christmas science experiment?  Link it up in the comments - we're always looking for interesting ways to add learning to our Christmas fun.


Ticia said...

Now I must try the pH stuff.

Camie said...

Your science experiments are just too cool!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

You have fantastic science archive :)

MaryAnne said...

I am especially fond of the flying reindeer and gnome bot activities.