Sunday, December 20, 2015

Another Year Another Sleepy Sarah - Crochet Pattern Link

Six Christmases ago, while planning a quick trip out to Oregon, for what would prove to be a last visit with the children's great-grandmother, I took a few minutes to crochet a "Sleepy Sarah" doll, following the super simple baby gnome pattern from Owlishy, as a gift for an Oregon born great niece.

This Christmas that little great-niece of mine has a new baby cousin.  Naturally, she needed a Sleepy Sarah of her own.

I used baby yarn, rather than worsted weight, this time around, and switched over to a size E hook for a smaller gnome - she's about 5'' tall.  The pattern is just terrific (and free) - so quick, easy, and cute.  Sadly, I think my embroidery skills have actually gotten worse over the last six year, if that's possible.

I think I feel a New Year's resolution coming on.


Ticia said...

But it still turned out adorable.

MaryAnne said...

They are both so cute! My embroider skills come and go...