Thursday, December 3, 2015

22 Christmas Themed Group Games

T (age 18) needed a game idea to take to a college and career Christmas party, tonight.  After he searched one out, and gathered up his supplies, I thought it might not be a bad idea to have a list of quick and easy, Christmas themed games at our fingertips.

In keeping with the Christmas countdown I seem to have fallen into this Christmas, I found enough games to last us from now until Christmas Day.

1. Christmas Rollick (Reverse Charades)

2. Tiny Prints has 30 well explained, simple, but fun Christmas games (my favorite is "Candy Canes" like "Spoons" but with candy canes - rules included on the site).

3. Printable Nativity Quiz - test your knowledge of what's really in the Bible story.

4. Printable Christmas Carol Quiz from Can you guess the carols from the synonym laden clues?

5. Online Christmas Songs Picture Game - guess the songs represented by the pictures, answers embedded in the graphics.

6. Christmas Oven-Mitt Game - Needs several sets of Christmas oven mitts, and a couple of bags of Christmas themed Hershey Kisses.

7. Christmas Tangrams - a free printable (take a look at these animated tangram Christmas cards from PVillage, too - they are so cool!)

8. "Night Before Christmas" MadLib.

9.  Printable Christmas themed Family Feud style questions and answers (so much fun!)

10.  Another version of Christmas Family Feud - with a link to instructions for how to play the game.

11. Now that you've got the hang of it, here's one more version of Christmas Family Feud.

12. Online Game of Christmas themed Jeopardy.

13. Quia also has a version of Christmas Jeopardy.

14. Holiday Tunes game from Better Homes and Gardens - for four or more players.

15. Printable Christmas Bingo.

16.  Good House Keeping suggests Going on a Candy Cane Hunt.

17. Silver Bells Memory Game, using Hershey Kisses - another one from Good House Keeping.

18. Christmas with the Right Family - needs a small gift for each player.

19. Alphabet Bags (needs a little prep)

20. Candy Canes and Icicles - a free printable version of Chutes and Ladders from Itsy Bitsy Fun.

21. Printable word list for Christmas Pictionary

22. Printable list of Christmas themed activities to act out for a game of Christmas Charades.


Sue Elvis said...

We love having family nights where we play games. Thank you for sharing all these ideas!

MaryAnne said...

So many fun ideas here! Christmas is my favorite time of year.

Ticia said...

My poor Christmas pinterest board is so full.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This is so cool! Looking forward to playing some Christmas charades this Christmas season!