Saturday, December 5, 2015

20 Gingerbread House Templates

I was busy tonight, baking and assembling a batch of mini gingerbread houses (using the template from from Not Martha, for her mini-fit-on-a-mug houses) for my younger three to decorate with friends, tomorrow.

 I usually make a standard chalet type gingerbread house later in December, for a Christmas Eve treat, as well. 

I've had the template for that house printed out and clipped into the front of my cookbook for so long, I'd have almost forgotten were it came from (if I hadn't linked it in a post a few years back).  This year, I'm thinking I might mix it up a bit, and try something new.  There are so many creative (and free) templates to choose from:

1. A standard, straight forward house template with instructions from King Arthur Flour.

2. A dinky Swedish style house template with gingerbread recipe, and instructions from BBC Good Food. 

3. Written directions for making your own template for a standard gingerbread house, with a cute little entry porch from Food Network.

4. Printable templates for small and large A-frame houses with a recipe for gingerbread from Tikkido.

5. A gingerbread Tipi template - this is one I've got to try!  It only has one piece repeated 6 times.

6. Gingerbread Tardis (for Dr. Who fans).

7. And, another Tardis.

8.  A gingerbread lighthouse template from Coastal Living.

9. Super mini gingerbread house pops template, and instructions.

10. A Moomin house (I had to Google Moomins - it's a cartoon, and the house looks about right).

11. A Menger Sponge Fractal Ginger Bread House - I absolutely love this one.

12. Gingerbread Eifel Tower - borrowing a simple template and using some very clever icing work.

13. A modern (mid-century ranch?) gingerbread house template.

14. A Sea Ranch-inspired gingerbread house (template is linked at the bottom of the page) for the architect in the family.

15. A simple, thatched gingerbread house from Canadian Living.

16 - 20. Instructions and templates for a one-room, Victorian, and log house, as well as a country store, and chapel from Celebrating Christmas.

Now my only problem is trying to decide which one to pick for Christmas Eve, and hoping the empty shelf space where the molasses was supposed to be, will be filled, by the next time I make it to the grocery store.


Dawn said...

What fun ideas. We have never tried anything but a kit. However, maybe this is the year....
Blessings, Dawn

Ticia said...

At some point I need to try baking one from scratch.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Gingerbread pops look great in theory, but I know that I would never be able to manage that flawless icing work :D

MaryAnne said...

These are pretty amazing! We have made from scratch houses before, but most of the time I use kits. Much easier. We haven't done anything this year - figuring out the gluten free bit (there are kits, but they are more money than I am willing to pay)