Tuesday, December 8, 2015

18 Nativity Scene - Craft Templates, Patterns, Tutorials, and Ideas.


....you can never have too many Nativity scenes, right?

1. Perler Bead Nativity - pattern

2. Origami Nativity - video instructions for folding Joseph, Mary, and the Baby in the manger.

3. Gingerbread Nativity Creche - video instructions for decorating a gingerbread nativity scene from Martha Stewart.  Includes a recipe for gingerbread, but I do not see a link to a template for cutting out the pieces.

4. Gingerbread Nativity - tutorial and template from Elaine's Sweet Life.

5. Crochet Nativity Figures or Finger Puppets - this is a link to the free pattern for the shepherds from 6ichthusfish, but she has the entire set of patterns in a series of posts around this one - fantastic!

6. Toilet Paper Tube Nativity - A print, color, and glue download from Catholic Icing.

7. Paper Nativity Scene - Print, fold, and color (if you like) template from Made by Joel.

8. Another Paper Nativity Scene - Printable template from ScrapbookScrapbook.

9. Candy Nativity Scene - Instructions from Aok Corral.

10. Cinnamon Stick Nativity Scene Ornament - tutorial from Adventures in Frugalness.

11. Watercolor + Cardboard + Clothespin Nativity Craft and Play Set - I don't see a tutorial or template, but this one is pretty simple, self-explanatory, and adorable.

12. Craft Stick Nativity - would make a good Sunday school craft.

13. Matchbox Advent Calendar/Activity - a printable template for what might be my favorite Advent Calendar Nativity set, ever!

14. Polymer Clay Nativity Scene - excellent step by step tutorial for each figure from Then She Made (this link takes you to Joseph).

15. A Snow Nativity - instructions and tips (if you have snow).

16. Pom-pom Nativity - instructions for making animals from pom-poms and mini-clothes pins, to go with a cardboard stable (with pattern) and pipe cleaner figures.

17. Painted Rock Nativity - cute idea and tutorial from The Deliberate Mom.

18. Coke Can Nativity - points for creativity.

I can hardly decide which one to make first!


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Coke can nativity cracked me up!

MaryAnne said...

Ooh I have been thinking about making a nativity. Torn between polymer clay, crochet, or needle felting. Maybe I should go for that last one just because it wasn't on your list.

Ticia said...

I read the perler bead nativity and scrolled down to comment and then I saw Coke can nativity, now I must scroll back up and see it.

Camie said...

These are great! I think the cinnamon stick one is my favorite.