Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Links, Crafts and Activity Suggestions

Are you looking for a few last links, crafts or activities to round out your St. Patrick's Day studies?  Or, maybe you just realized it was St. Patrick's Day as you opened your blog reader this morning, and your scrambling to come up with some quick ideas.  Either way, I've got a few suggestions.

The feature film (meaning it's free for today, with no subscription or log-in needed) on Brainpop.com is all about St. Patrick's Day.  It covers both the historical aspects, as well as the modern celebration, both Christian and secular.  There film is framed by a quick quiz, worksheet, and additional activity suggestion sheet.

Phil Vischer has a "Should Christians Celebrate St. Patrick's Day?" blog post on the What's in the Bible site, that also gives some good information on the holiday.  And speaking of Phil Vischer...

...I've totally forgotten which of the VeggieTales episodes the YouTube clip above is from, but it wouldn't seem like St. Patrick's Day without it.

As for activities, here are a few that we found fun in the past:
 A St. Patrick's Hide and Seek Jar, made with an empty peanut butter jar, food coloring dyed popcorn kernels, and green objects found around the house.

Making alum crystal "leprechaun jewels"

 Baking Irish soda bread.

Rainbow fruit skewers.

Super simple rainbow slushies.

A Trinity shamrock craft...

...to go with green milk...

...and shamrock sugar cookies (of course).

Hope you find a little "luck o'the Irish" in your day today!


claireshomeeducation said...

Can you believe Gary is Irish and all my children are half Irish and we NEVER do anything on St Patrick's Day. Gary did ask me yesterday if I had bought him a Guinness. It took me ages to realise why he asked me that (he doesn't as a rule drink alcohol). I really need to get my act together and this is obviously the place to come to make a start (maybe next year....)

Die fantastischen 5 said...

Wow, it´s a great collection of funny and interesting activities! Thank you!

Ticia said...

We were sick yesterday, so all my big plans went out the window.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Sounds like a fun day! I'm sad to say we didn't do anything this year. School is consuming our lives (sigh)