Friday, June 4, 2010

Finger Knit Jump Rope

I saw this no-sew, finger knit, jump rope, project on Family Fun, that looked about perfect for keeping little fingers busy, on rainy days, like the ones we've been having, lately.

We tried finger knitting, about a year ago, to make teddy bear boas with eyelash yarn. That project was a lot of fun, and quick to finish, but just a tad too fussy for my youngest two to do on their own.

Family Fun, suggested using pot holder loops, or making loops by cutting up old tights. All of our tights are boring white, and in good shape, so we opted for using up some of the odd colored loops we had left from our last bout of pot holder making. It turns out that finger knitting with loops, is much easier, than with yarn.

You just twist a loop back, and forth around your fingers.

Repeat, with a second loop.

Then, lift the first loop, over the second, and off your fingers.

Continue, twisting on new loops, and lifting the bottom loop over the top, until you have the length desired, remembering to allow extra length for making handles.

This project kept my 5 year old busy, on and off, for almost a week, making her jump rope.

When she wanted to take a break, we slid the loops off her fingers, and onto a pencil. There is a right, and a wrong side though, so you have to be careful to remember the direction to put it back on, when your ready to start again. Other than that, she was able to do this project pretty much on her own.

When her jump rope was long enough, we slipped it off her fingers, and ran one last loop through, to cut open, and tie off.

Then, we folded the ends over, and secured them by wrapping them on with two more loops, to make our handles.

Now when the sunshine returns, we'll be ready to run outside, and give it a real try. And, yes I know in the picture below it looks like sunshine, but trust me it's rain, rain, rain.

We're really going quite loopy.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Ticia said...

I had a student in Sunday School who used to get in trouble for doing that.
I wonder if my boys could do this.

Rose said...

That looks like a great idea for keeping some little hands busy this summer. I'm sure several of the kids at my house would enjoy it.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

What a fun project!! Hope you get some sunshine soon!

Anonymous said...

I did not know how to do this so thank you for the pictures. I'm a visual person. Our neighbor girl finger knitted with yarn and it was big loops that tangled. So I like the chunky loops. I am bookmarking this.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher and I use the cotton loops for my class to make pot holders. However, many of the loops were too small and I was about to throw them away. I just tried this out and it works for ones that are too small and my students love to finger knit! Thank you!

Kathy B said...

I must have done something wrong because when I tried it off, a cane grid to use it, it came unraveled. Any chance of a follow-up video?

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Kathy B - We've moved on to high school and university activities these days, so probably no follow-up video. But, I know that jump rope lasted quite a while for the children (they liked to use it as horse reigns in games of pretend). I hope you won't give up!