Saturday, June 26, 2010

What My Child is Reading - June 26, 2010

None of the weather themed books, I put on hold, have come in yet, and I still haven't figured out what the story with edible clouds, from my childhood was, so it was kind of a strange, scattered week of reading here at our house.

The little ones (ages 4 and 5) enjoyed a couple of silly stories by Jamie Mclaine, with zany illustrations by April Goodman Wily.

I found the word-heavy sentences of Have You Ever Seen a Moose Taking a Bath, and Have You Ever Seen a Moose Brushing His Teeth, somewhat cumbersome to read. But, once I had read through them a few times, and got the hang of the text, I found them almost as fun, and fanciful as the animals themselves.

My younger son (age 7) discovered our set of Pokemon early readers, that his older brother collected as a member of the now defunct (at least I couldn't find it online anymore), Scholastic Pokemon Master's Club. You might not be able to join the club, with it's monthly delivery of books, stickers, and pokedexes, but you can still find the books about. Any young fan of the Pokemon series is sure to enjoy them.

The older girls (ages 9 and 11) have been happily reading through the works of Gail Carson Levine, the author of Ella Enchanted. I think I'll probably read some of the altered fairy tales myself too, once I finish the Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series, I'm currently reading through (though I won't admit to that if you ask me in person!)

Finally, my oldest (age 12), much to my great delight, has discovered Modern Publishing's Treasury of Illustrated Classics. I'm hoping to move him on into the actual novels this fall, but for now, these abridged, and illustrated versions, are giving him a taste of the great authors. Judging by the way he's barreling through them, I'd say the reading level is a little too easy for him. But, with the library summer reading program under way, and 12 year old boys being what they are, I'm just happy to have him ensconced in a series.

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It's great to be a homeschooler.


Debbie said...

I will have to keep an eye out for the two books by Jamie Mclaine.

The book Apples and Oranges, is not silly in my opinion, more like the jokes don't make sense.

Ticia said...

I love Ella Enchanted, it's one of my favorites of hers. And all of her fractured fairy tales are great! I've got most of them.

I think most of the clubs Scholastic has are only for short periods of time. I should check to see if there's any my kids would like right now. I've heard you can get their book club things as a homeschooler if you call in.

Pathfinder Mom said...

I'll have to find the moose books. I grew up in Maine and I definitely have an affinity for the creatures. They're amazing live - huge and slow.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Thanks for joining WMCIR. I have to see if the library has the first two books you mentioned even though I am not sure that Anna will care for illustrations. I remember enjoying Ella Enchanted movie, it was kind of cute. Maybe I can convince my husband to watch it again, he is a big fan of family movies.