Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paper Bag Owls - Unplugged Project

Extra Note: I prepared this post as an Unplugged Project, to go along with a weekly carnival at, but after reading a few posts, on some of my favorite mom blogs, it occured to me that this project would also fit nicely as a stART project, on A Mommy's Adventure, so I'm linking there too. I'd encourage you to check out both sites, as there are many fun, and inspiring links on both.
This weeks Unplugged Project theme is feathers. We decided to take our inspiration from Beverly Cleary, and make paper bag owls, like the ones described in Ramona the Brave. We just happen to be listening to an audio version of that book this week, and we finished the chapter entitled "Owl Trouble", yesterday, so the timing was perfect.
To make our owls, we stuffed lunch sized paper bags with newspaper. Then, we folded the top corners inward to form a pointed top, which we folded down, to make the owl's horned ears.

The children glued on construction paper eyes, and beaks (being careful not to waste paste).

Then, they drew wings, and glued feathers to the front.

The older children opted to draw their feathers on, instead, to stay in keeping with the story.

We didn't have a blackboard to hang them over, but I tied a piece of twine across the top of the patio door, and clipped them up there, for a similar effect.

The children had a good time copying Ramona's school activity. Though, there was a bit of drama, and we did end up two owls short, also in keeping with the story. I'll admit I have a new found sympathy for Cleary's Mrs. Griggs. It was chaotic enough just trying to get six children through this craft - I can't imagine attempting it alone, with a room full of first graders!

To learn more about Beverly Cleary, or the Ramona series, click here, to visit The World of Beverly Cleary.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Michelle said...

These came out so cute what a great project. Thank you for linking up!

Mom Unplugged said...

Oh I love anything by Beverly Cleary! I am always impressed when homeschoolers manage to incorporate the Unplugged Project into their curriculum. I am glad this fit so nicely for you and I love your idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

oh! these are great!!

Stacy said...

How cute these are! We actually made our own version of these today and I was wondering if it would be okay to link back to you. Thanks,