Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Magazine Collage Fall Letters - A Preschool Craft

Our paper bag owls looked a little lonely hanging above the dining room door, so the little ones pitched in to spruce things up a bit.

First, they tore my fall edition of Tea Time Magazine to bits (gasp! I know - but it arrived in July, so it's been pretty well read).

They brushed watered down glue onto pieces of card stock. Cereal box cardboard would have worked better, but we were out.

Then, they covered the glue soaked paper with pieces from the magazine. I had gone through the pile, and sorted out the most fall looking scraps. And although, I had to keep reminding them to place the pieces, so the pretty sides were showing, it led to a nice discussion of which colors are fall colors, and why.

Finally, after the papers were completely covered, the girls painted on another layer of glue. They enjoyed painting with the glue so much, that each girl made two sheets, so they could paint some more.

When the collages had dried completely, I cut them into letter shapes, and a few leaf shapes, and clipped them to the twine, with the owls, using paper clips.

The owls look more complete, the little ones have learned how to spell fall, and I have a nice reminder of all the great recipes I still want to try out from the Tea Time Magazine - if only I had remembered to copy them all out before the ripping started!

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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