Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hibernating Bear Paper Bag Craft

Yesterday, was one those days, when I just wanted to curl up in a quiet corner, with a cup of coffee, and some simple project to keep my hands busy, while my mind wandered. There is a small window each day, during the children's nap/reading time when I have a few minutes of silence, completely to myself. I seized it, yesterday afternoon, to try out a knitting pattern for a tiny bear from Little Cotton Rabbits Free Patterns.

Although, my little bear did not turn out even half as cute as the one pictured with the pattern (I tried a face, but ended up removing it because it was so hideous), the little one's adored it. And, for a bonus, it fit perfectly with a hibernation craft, I'd found in Crafts to Make in the Fall, by Kathy Ross. So, last night, as the kids ate their before bed snack, the youngest two helped me prepare a bedroom for bear.

We started by shortening a lunch sized paper bag.

Then, we cut an arched shaped den door, a little taller than we wanted it to end up, down from the top of one side.

We folded the top of the bag once, and stapled it. Then we puffed out the sides, so our opening looked like it was in the front of a cave.

We glued on some pulled apart cotton balls for snow.

And, we added a kid style "do not disturb" sign.

The girls placed some leaves from the yard, into the cave, for the bear to use as a bed.

And, finally, in went the bear. Ready for to sleep for the winter.

I hope to follow this craft up, today, with some picture books about bears, and hibernating. You can find a great list books on the subject, for the preschool set, as well as a number of finger plays, and crafts (including this one, only with a paper bear), here, at Step by Step Child Care's, "Hibernation Theme" page.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Marcee said...

Wow, thanks for doing so much creative thinking for me!!! This is a great craft/theme for our K-1st coop class this year!

By the way, when I have time to myself, I'm usually selfish and read a book that has nothing to do with education my children!!! You are an amazing person!! said...

What a fun idea! And I think your bear is ADORABLE! I love his little ears.

Kez said...

That is so cute! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to help make bedrooms for stuffed animals :)

Nadia said...

wow i love this idea!! i would love to do this when my son is older and understands about hibernating!! (saving this for future use)

Ticia said...

I am so using this idea this week! Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your Hibernating bear-I'm going to use it in y 4's class next week! Though I love your bear-y preschoolers and I aren't knitters so I think we will make our bears out of pom poms. God Bless you!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! Just what I needed for co-op tomorrow!!!