Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family Fun Inspired Decorative Corn Cookies For A Child Friendly Fall Treat

We had some fun this afternoon, with directions from Family Fun, making decorative corn cookies.

They're pretty simple to make. Just start, by baking a batch of sugar cookies, that are shaped somewhat like corn cobs. I rolled the dough into medium sized balls, and then flattened them out by hand. Which kept the process petty quick, and mess free.

After the cookies have cooled, frost them with white frosting. We took the easy path this time, and used store bought frosting.

Then, arrange a few Reese's Pieces onto the cookies, to resemble the corn kernels. Use all the colors for decorative corn, or just yellow for regular corn.

Top with a couple of petal shaped pieces of green fruit roll-up, for husks. I cut the shapes with a butter knife, while the fruit roll-ups were still on their plastic sheets, so the kids could just peel them off themselves, when they were ready to use them. It's good to have three, or four fruit roll-ups on hand. You may not need that many, if you cut carefully, but that leaves room for mistakes, and munching.

The whole process, from mixing the cookie dough, through cleaning up the kitchen, only took less than an hour (blogging not included).

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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