Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crayon Melt Fall Tree - Preschool Craft

My youngest two were feeling crafty last night, so I decided to go ahead with a Fall themed crayon melt craft, I had been planning for later in the week, as part of their "school work". I was going to start it out by taking them for a walk around the neighborhood, to see if we could spot any of the Fall colors coming on. But, with a pretty hefty thunderstorm rolling in, I decided to skip right to the indoor part of the activity.

I peeled the wrapper off of a few Fall colored crayons (orange, red, yellow, green, and brown), and then helped them to shave off some pieces with a pencil sharpener, onto a sheet of wax paper. This step was a little difficult for small hands, but they were pretty determined to do it themselves.

When we had a good pile of shavings, we placed the paper on an old towel, covered it with a second sheet of wax paper, and another old towel. Then, I ironed it on medium heat, to melt the crayon shavings.

You do not want to do this on your ironing board, as sometimes the crayon melts through the towel.

After the melted crayon cooled, the children glued on sky blue construction paper, that I had cut a holes in to resemble tree tops, and layered additional pieces of construction paper on top of that for grass, the tree trunk, and the sun. They did this on the front, and back of the wax paper, so their pictures would look nice from either side, when hung in a window.

Finally, they colored in a few finishing touches (I'm really going to miss those pancake people, when we no longer have a preschooler in the house). Now all that's left, is to decide which window to hang them on.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Twinlinebackers said...

You DO so much. All your activities sound so amazing. All that time on your hands must be because you only have 6 kids. just kidding.
You don't happen to live in Connecticut do you? I could really use a creative, energetic friend!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Thanks. It's because we have six kids, that it looks like we do so much - by the time each one does a project, we appear really busy.

And, sorry, but I think Montana to Connecticut would be a bit far play date. But, I do appreciate your comments. Thanks for stopping by.

Nadia said...

wow that came out pretty... very vibrant said...

Wow, that just GLOWS. I love it. Yay fall!