Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Follow-Up Fun

Here's a quick update on a few of the projects we shared over the last month, or so.

Remember the windowsill, scent garden we planted at the end of November?

It's growing well, and has provided a lot of observational fun. The snow peas have grown quickly, and while the Man of the House vetoed pinning a ribbon across the windowsill to secure the garden (he didn't want to damage the walls), he did attach strings to the curtain rod for us, for the vines to climb, and so far, the pot has sat securely in the sill.

The basil, and snowflake candy tuft have sprouted too, though we should have planted them earlier, to be able to enjoy them for Christmas. But, we haven't had any luck with the mint, or the money plant (really, just the story of my life!).

...the commenters on that post were correct. Freezing the bananas, before dipping them in chocolate, does keep the chocolate from dripping off, and pooling around the edges.

...it is still standing, and intact, after 10 days of pretty constant play. My children have not been known to be gentle on their toys (really they should be durability testers for Fisher Price), so I think it's safe to say, using school glue is a viable option for popsicle construction.

More Polly Pockets arrived on Christmas morning, making the house a bit crowded, but not to worry, construction of additional housing is already underway.

Oh, and as for the Nativity Silhouettes...

...they really were beautiful with the sun shining through them, but next time we'll use an actual paint (and I'll be making a note, on that post), because corn syrup, while it will "dry", softens, and melts in the heat of the sun, making for some sticky, if colorful, drips down the window.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Unknown said...

Cannot TELL you how much I appreciate your honest updates- makes it so much easier for those of us who steal...errr...RECYCLE your ideas on a consistent basis!

Katherine said...

I love the popsicle stick construction - we have about a thousand popsicle sticks, but the children have really just glued them to paper (which is great, but it would be wonderful to make some real structures!) We will have to do that when we get back to school next week!

Ticia said...

Thanks for the update for all of these things.

Phyllis said...

My son wants me to make a popsicle stick tree house for his Robin Hood figures, but I wasn't sure it would hold up. It will need to be a bit bigger, but now I have the courage to try.

Christy Killoran said...

I'm with Wonder Mom! Thanks for the updates.

R has discovered the world of Polly Pocket, so I may have to start construction on one or two of those houses!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I love your follow-ups - the Popsicle house is by far my favorite here - it looks so lived in now.