Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pig Mania (or Pass The Pig), Amigurumi Style

Last week, when I was searching for an amigurumi pattern to make for my friend's daughters, I bookmarked a pattern from Roman Sock, just for myself. The preface to the pattern, says it's a nod to Pass the Pig, but I remember the game as Pig Mania!

My brother, I should say my older brother, had a Pig Mania! game, back in the 80's. You toss a couple of tiny plastic pigs, and accrue points according to how they fall.

I was not allowed to touch the game without my brothers special permission.

But, now I have my own, and I can play it whenever I like. So there!

Like most amigurumi patterns, this one was simple, and easy to complete in a few short sessions (I like to crochet when the children are napping), and is done almost entirely in single crochet. It even comes with a printable version of the rules, which can be folded, and inserted in the lid of the game box.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Nadia said...

lol i think this is adorable! i know how to knit but not really crochet. I'm not sure of the pig mania game... i haven't played it before

Ticia said...

We have that plastic pig game. It was quite entertaining when I was in the hospital on bed rest with the boys.

M said...

Very cute! My sisters and I played this a lot as kids. I love ami, just not that talented at crocheting. (There is a turtle without legs around here somewhere...)