Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coffee Creamer and Snow Ice Cream

This has been such a funny winter, with early snow, followed by an arctic blast, and weeks of spring like weather. Then, when I didn't think I could resist the urge to plant the flowers gardens any longer, the snow returned.

And, the timing couldn't have been any better. We just finished the chapter of Anne of Green Gables, where Anne tastes ice cream for the first time. I'd been planning to make some ice cream with the children anyway, now we can make snow ice cream, instead.

We watched a wonderful video demonstration by Tawra Kellam from, on how to make ice cream using fresh snow, milk, sugar, and vanilla. And, then we sat some bowls out to catch the falling snow. I wouldn't recommend doing that barefoot, but I was in a hurry to get the bowls out while it was still snowing.

In the meantime, I wanted to try something a little more upscale, for the man of the house.

I gathered a bowl of fresh snow (after putting on some shoes), being careful to take it off the top. Again, I wouldn't suggest sending the kids out to collect the snow, unless you want rocks, and dirt in your ice cream, too.

I added a half a cup of coffee creamer to the bowl, using Parisian Almond Cream flavored creamer.

A little mixing, and it was ready to eat.

The texture is not as creamy as traditional ice cream, but it's refreshing in a way I can't quite explain. To use a quote from Anne, "I guess (coffee creamer snow) ice cream is one of those things that are beyond imagination."

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I admit - I always liked to eat snow "raw". How fun it must be to try it as an ice cream - the kids must have had a blast with it.

Ticia said...

It's things like this that almost make me want to live where it snows. Then I think about actually being cold...... And then it's not so much.
And barefoot in the snow? Not me.

the coopers said...

Whats really cool is making your own ice cream in a bag i did it with 11 5 year olds and they had no issues had a lot of fun and were able to try real old fashioned ice cream. Ice cream in a baggie.