Monday, January 11, 2010

Anne of Green Gables in The White Way Children's Tissue Paper Craft

Our family reading of Anne of Green Gables continues, at an extremely slow pace. As of today, we've only made it through chapter 2. Anne has just arrived at Green Gables, driven by Matthew Cuthbert, through the White Way of Delight, and over the Lake of Shining Waters (or through the Avenue, and over Barry's pond, if you're anybody, but Anne).

The little ones worked on a story stretcher craft today, making their own version of the Avenue. It was a funny craft for us, in the middle of winter. But, you can't have a White Way of Delight, without apple blossoms, and you really can't have Anne Shirley, without spring.

I used strips cut from a paper bag to create bare, brown trees on blue construction paper.

The girls added drops of glue...

...which they covered with wadded up, tissue paper, apple blossoms.

Then, they drew Anne under the trees. But, they insisted on drawing in pen, so no red hair.

And, I'm not sure my youngest was listening to the story, because she drew a butterfly, and what she told me, was a knocked over mouse. When I asked her where Anne was, she told me the mouse was Anne.

One of the older girls, who did pay attention to the story, came to the rescue, with a paper doll version of Anne to add to the scene.

Now, I think it looks like Anne is imagining all the strange creatures under the apple trees, which seems about right.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I am impressed with the drawings and with the craft - very pretty. The story of a knocked-over mouse cracked me up.

Tonia said...

I hadn't thought to read Anne of Green Gables to my little girl. I love how you make it so accessible to little ones with the craft idea.

Nadia said...

this looks like fun.. i think my son is a little too young for this but i definitely hope to do this when he gets older