Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Have you seen this recipe? I have no idea who originated it (I found it in a church cookbook I received for Christmas, and also several places online), but I think they're a genius. I mean, a 5 minute, from scratch, microwavable, chocolate cake, easy enough for an eight year old to make - who wouldn't love that?

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

  • 4 T. flour
  • 4 T. sugar
  • 2 T. cocoa
  • 1 egg
  • 3 T. milk
  • 3 T. oil
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips (some versions say these are optional, but really!)
  • splash of vanilla extract
  • 1 large microwave safe mug.

Mix all the ingredients together in the mug, adding the chocolate chips last.

Place the mug in the microwave for 3 minutes on high. Allow to cool a little, and enjoy.

You can eat it straight out of the cup, or tap it out onto a plate, and share it with a friend.

Oh, and if you're mug is large, but not So I Married An Ax Murderer large, the cake might rise over the top, but that's okay, too.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Unknown said...

Hey, it's a homemade Easy Bake Oven- and I bet these taste a lot better then the original! LOVE IT!

katia said...

hi thak very much for the tag to my blog! i have written a post about . thanks a lot and happy day!

Ticia said...

I've seen those and LOVE them. I've also seen a version that leaves it slightly raw in the middle, which is YUMMY!

Just an Average American Mom said...

Found Your blog from Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.

Great Recipe and it will defiantly be one we try very SOON!

I look forward to reading more from you and your family.

Cara said...

I am SO intrigued by this recipe!! It looks so easy to put together, and I'm sure my son would love to help. Thanks for sharing!