Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plarn Story Mat - More Crochetting With Grocery Bags

We've been grocery shopping a couple of times since we loom knitted the grocery bag purse, and our ball of plarn (plastic yarn - look back a few posts if you want to see how to make it) was getting quite large. It was definitely time to turn it into something, but what?

Plarn is not difficult to crochet or knit with, as long as you use a big enough hook or needle, but it's not the best stuff for little fingers to work with. I decided if the kids couldn't knit with it, I'd at least turn it into something they could use. With the outdoor summer reading program coming up in a couple of weeks at the library, and the onset of concerts on the green, and Shakespeare in the park, story mats seemed to be our best bet. Sort of like the rug remnant pieces they use in Kindergartens, but made out of grocery bags.

I opted to crochet, because it seemed faster. With a simple double crochet, using an N sized hook, the mat took one afternoon to make. It's a good size for my six year old, but will need to be a little bigger for the older kids. This small size mat took about 75 to 100 bags to make - though I can assure you I'm guessing on the number, I did not take the time to count them.

These can be thrown into the back of the van, to await use. They are machine washable - on cold. They air dry quickly. And they don't let the water from wet grass soak through to the kids the way Grandma's heirloom quilt might (and I'm sure there are better uses for quilts anyway).

So it's one down, seven more to go, and we'll be ready for story time! Now, if only a comfy seat could assure an attentive audience, we'd be set.

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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