Monday, May 4, 2009

Completing A Cinco de Mayo Pinata

We put the final touches on our pinata today. If you missed the first few posts and don't want to look back, these are the steps you missed.
  • Start with a balloon.

  • Tear strips of newspaper.

  • Make a paste of two parts water to one part white glue.

  • Dip the strips in the glue, and cover the balloon - leaving an opening at the top.

  • Let the pinata dry overnight.

  • Make more paste.

  • Tear strips of white paper.

  • Cover the newspaper strips, with glue dipped white paper strips.

  • Let the pinata dry overnight.

That catches you up to where we were today. Next we popped and removed the balloon.

Then we made six cones from folded typing paper. We cut the bottoms straight, and secured them to the pinata with more glue dipped paper strips.

We brushed the pinata with our glue mixture, and added strips of tissue paper for color.

We poked holes in the top, on either side of the opening, and threaded through some twine. We used a yarn needle, but an unbent paper clip works too.

Finally, we added some tissue paper streamers to the ends of the cones.

Now all it needs is candy, and a little more tissue paper to close the opening, and we'll be ready for Cinco de Mayo.

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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