Saturday, July 11, 2009

Newspaper Hats

Since the empty milk jug situation was under control, I thought I'd take on the pile of newspapers lurking under the kitchen sink. We don't actually have the paper delivered, but our neighbors asked our oldest son to pick theirs up for them, while they were on vacation. They only wanted the last one back, so we ended up with a weeks worth to look through, and dispose of.

I stacked them under the sink, thinking of upcoming birthday pinatas, or perhaps a newspaper geodome. That was a couple of months ago, and after the pinatas, there wasn't enough left for a geodome, but there was just about the right amount to make each of the kids a newspaper hat. So, I pulled out the masking tape, scissors, the last of the papers, and declared it crazy hat day.

I went with the method I've seen demonstrated at countless street fairs, where you pile paper over the child's head, using masking tape make the crown. Then, you roll up the edges to form the brim.

Depending on how much of the brim you roll up, you can make a cowboy hat/pith helmet, or a robin hood style, or beanie sort of hat. You can also pull the center of the paper up a little, before you tape around the crown, to make an old fashion ladies hat, or a crazy top hat.

For a princess hat, just roll a few sheets of paper into a cone, using the child's head as a sizing guide. Tape the cone in place, and trim the extra off the bottom, or roll it up a little. Finally, tape on a few strips of newspaper to the top, for streamers.

If you want the latest in fast food accessories, fold a single sheet in half.

Then fold the two corners, from the folded side, diagonally toward each other, to make a point.

Fold up the bottom of one side. Then, flip it over, and fold up the bottom of the other side. Secure the brim, with a little tape.

These hats can be worn as is, or embellished with markers, tissue paper flowers, feathers, or bits of ribbon. Either way, it's fun for young...

...and old alike.

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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