Thursday, January 24, 2019

Homeschooling the Teen Years - From Formless Days to Days of Forms

Today was a day of forms - forms and deadlines.

D (age 16) took his driver's permit test, and at the DMV there was a form which he struggled and worried his way through.  I assured him it gets easier with each one you have to fill out.  That one might have been his first.

Drawing by E (age 14)
Meanwhile, I left A (age 17) at home surrounded by them.  There was the "application for graduation" form for the college (she wants an associates degree even though she's headed straight on into a bachelors program, just because).  There were also the scholarship forms (which we were reminded are coming due at the beginning of February), and for those she'll need an updated transcript with her latest classes added.

Watching her (or rather pushing her - sort of like a rock up a hill) my stomach started to tighten and churn as I made a mental check list of the other forms and deadlines looming.

Did T (age 21) remember to double check that his bank had released his tuition payment to the University? For some reason they always think it's credit fraud.

Doesn't A have a test she has to take sometime this semester if she wants to take elementary education classes next year?  Does it have a sign-up deadline?

And D will need to take the ACCUPLACER before he signs up for dual enrollment for next fall.  Is the registration date this spring, or is it in the summer?

Drawing by E (age 14)
And I just got that email about opening of registration for the summer drama camp C (age 12) wants to do.

And doesn't A have another form deadline coming up for the homeschool grad?



Drawing by E (age 14)
And, I'm reminded once again how much homeschooling has been like riding an escalator.

Remember that first time you rode one with your children when they were toddlers, how you kind of had to lift them onto that first step, because the movement was frightening - or even worse, how they jumped on and started up the mobile stairway while you were still trying to figure out how to balance a stroller, the shopping bags, and a baby on your hip while stepping onto a moving surface?

But once you were on, it was an easy ride for the most part, not quite restful, but pleasant...

… until your sweeties caught sight of the stairs disappearing under the floor at the top.  And, while you assured them no one ever gets sucked under with the stairs, you kind of worried about their toes and shoe laces.

That's what homeschooling is like.

It takes faith to step onto that escalator, and forms to step back off at the top, merging back into the mainstream -so...many...forms.

But now the kids are teens, not toddlers. And, no one has ever actually gotten sucked under with those steps.  I know it's true.  I just can't quite stop myself from worrying about their toes and shoelaces.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

E is growing into a great artist! I wonder what she will do when it's her turn to step off the escalator.

Ticia said...

We're starting to get into these forms and learning how to take these tests too. It's an interesting challenge.