Thursday, August 20, 2015

Homeschool Lunch Solutions - Toaster Bags

This time of year, there are countless posts offering fun, creative, and sometimes even healthy suggestions for filling school lunch boxes.

As a homeschool mom I enjoy looking through the recipes and directions.  But, being home all day (more or less) with a fridge and stove at our disposal, I'm not likely to get up early to arrange a bento box, or write little notes to package in with sandwiches. 

I am however, as teacher, administrator, custodian, and lunch lady of our little operation, always looking for ways, or gadgets, to make lunch prep as fast and as hassle free as possible.  

I was pretty happy to find reusable toaster bags, for making "grilled" cheese sandwiches in the toaster, hanging on the grocery aisle near the bread (I've included an Amazon link, so you can read about them, but they were less expensive at the grocery store - so shop around).

They are so simple to use - and I'm happy to say, actually work.  Just make your cheese sandwich as normal.  You don't have to add butter to the outsides of the bread.  We did though, because the children prefer the taste. 

Then, instead of pulling out the griddle, and firing up the stove, just slip the sandwich into the bag...

...and drop the bag (open side up) into the toaster, on your normal toast setting.

If you don't have a wide slot toaster, you might have to push the sandwich filled bag down into the slot by hand.

...leaving enough of the bag sticking out for easy retrieval.  Keep an eye on the bag while the sandwich is toasting.  We didn't have any problems, but I read a few reviews, that said the bags can on occasion catch fire.

Slip the toasted sandwich out the bag, right onto your plate, add an apple slice or two...

...and lunch is ready.  The bags are reusable, just flip them inside out, and wash them in soapy water, or even better - into the dishwasher - so much nicer than dealing with a greasy pan!  

One lunch down.  Only another 200 or so more to go, for this school year.  Any suggestions?


Time Lady said...

This is an awesome idea! We just use the toaster oven, but I might have to buy some of those to use in my camper.

Ticia said...

My kids have recently discovered fish filets, which is a slightly bigger version of fish sticks.

Dawn said...

That is so cool. I will have to look for those.
blessings, Dawn

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This sounds intriguing - one of those inventions that actually work and useful! Lunch at home is not a problem for us. Daughter is a big fan of our homemade cereal mix. She is quite content to eat it for breakfast AND for lunch :D

MaryAnne said...

Intriguing! I just invested in a Bento-style lunch box for each child (can't think what they are called at the moment) with compartments labeled dairy, starch, veggies, fruit, protein, and then a tiny dessert section. They were kind of pricey, but I struggled SO much with lunches last year and school lunch in our area costs an arm and a leg, so I justified it that way. It is definitely making lunch prep easier for me, and the kids are helping more with these guidelines.