Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall Leaf To-Do List 2015

It's a little earlier than normal for us to put up our fall leaf tree - listing all the things we'd like to do before the leaves fall.  We've already spotted several trees along our street with leaves changing colors though, so we decided to get a jump on fall, and have our tree all ready for the first day of September.

Per our normal tradition, we printed one item from our fall to-do list on each of the construction paper leaves on the tree. As we complete each item, we hope to mark it off by removing the leaf from the tree and sticking it to the wall around the base of the tree

Then, in November, as the tree is growing bare, we will have room to put up our "thankful turkeys", so by Thanksgiving we should be all set with a Peanuts-inspired turkey tree decorating the dining room.

Our list (below) morphed a bit this year, from early-elementary crafts and sensory experiments to be filled more heavily with art projects, family fun, and even a few handy-man type tasks around the house.

Movies to Watch on DVD or Amazon (that we think have fall release dates):
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Inside Out 
San Andreas 
Shaun the Sheep

Must Watch Fall Flicks:
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Movies Coming Out in the Theater (that might like to see):
Mockingjay Part 2
The Peanuts Movie

Donuts on a String
Tree identification walk
Fall leaf art project
Make the first fire of the season in the fireplace
Attend a fall festival
Go to the last farmer's market of the season
Taste the first snow
Rake leaves
Jump in a leaf pile
Do a puzzle on a stormy day
Grandma's visit
Create a pine cone (snacktivity)
Go to the homecoming parade
Kick a football
Host a game night
Gut a pumpkin
Decorate the porch for fall.

Taste a Zucchini
Roast pumpkin seeds
Drink a pumpkin latte
Sample a pumpkin milkshake
Make a pumpkin pie from scratch
Bake pumpkin muffins
Bake apple muffins
Have pumpkin pie for breakfast
Make gingerbread men (for first snow)
Make owl cookies (first day of fall)
Make homemade candy corn (on National Candy Corn Day)
Eat a pear
Make caramel apples
Have an apple tasting

Mom's birthday
Dad's birthday
Grandma's birthday
Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary!!!
Columbus Day
Canadian Thanksgiving (with a Peanuts' feast)
National Candy Corn Day

We have a few other personal milestones and around the house, honey-do type things, and plenty of room left on the tree for all the things we forgot, but will think of later.


Dawn said...

Marvelous! I might have to use a few of your ideas. Your home is always buzzing with fun.
Blessings, Dawn

MaryAnne said...

Now that is a great to-do list! I may have to steal this idea - I love it.

We have Cinderella on pre-order through Amazon instant video. My aunt took the kids and I to Inside Out this summer, but we really want to watch it with Mike and we have it on pre-order as well. It is great!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, what a great idea! I was just thinking how to upgrade our annual tradition of putting up an autumn tree display, and voila, here's your post :))

Sue Elvis said...

Fall or autumn, as we call it, is my favourite time of year! I always love the cooler temperatures after the heat of summer. Some of your activities aren't appropriate for us because of the different seasons and, of course, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but there are still some I'd like to do with my family. I especially like the sound of the movies Inside Out and Shaun the Sheep. And donuts are good any time of the year! Sounds like you're going to be having lots of fun in the coming weeks.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Great list! I always love how you plan for the next season and keep track of your plans.

Camie said...

Such a fun tradition!

Ticia said...

That reminds me to check when Inside Out is at the dollar theater.