Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Candy Corn Felt Finger Puppets

Do me a favor, and pretend the candy corn finger puppets pictured above are wearing their traditional yellow, orange and whites. I'm afraid there is not a scrap of yellow or orange felt to be found in anywhere in town, including my craft cupboard. So, I'll be telling the children these are chocolate gingerbread candy corn, like we made the other day.

My local merchants have really let me down. Not only are they not selling orange or yellow felt, I couldn't find a single bag of candy corn colored M&M's, or candy corn Hershey Kisses, or even much variety beyond the plain old, plain old regular candy corn. It seems the stores have completely skipped over National Candy Corn Day in favor of some other holiday that falls on the 31st.

It's a real bummer for me, since the children have already seen the candy corn pinata, it's hard to miss hanging over our dining room table, and are waiting in great anticipation to find out what kind of candy corn themed goodies are inside. It's been a bit of a scramble, but I've come up with a few things, like the finger puppets.

They are pretty basic. If you want to make your own, start by cutting a small candy corn shape out of thin cardboard (like the back of a cereal box). You can use your index finger as a guide for size.

Cut the cardboard candy corn apart into its three pieces.

Then, trace around the pieces on another piece of cardboard, allowing 1/8 inch or so, for a seam allowance.

Cut out the bigger pieces, and use those to trace out as many pattern pieces as you want to make, on paper. You will need two of each piece for each puppet you want to make.

Cut the paper pieces out, secure them to your felt, hopefully you have orange and yellow.

Cut them out again.

Stitch the pieces back together into candy corn shapes.

Then, sew two candy corn shapes, wrong sides together, leaving the bottom side open.

Use a clear drying, tacky glue to secure on google eyes and felt scrap mouths...

...and they're ready to play. Well, you might want to let the glue dry first, but you know...

...that's optional.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Ticia said...

I've seen candy corn with brown as the bottom color.......

I so NEED to get some candy corn, I haven't gotten any yet. I think that will be one of my goals for this week.

And yes, they were ready for trouble. My boys are always planning trouble.

Phyllis said...

Oh, my goodness! They are adorable. That pinata is cute too! I want to be one of your kids.

Debbie said...

Oh my! These are adorable!

Christy Killoran said...

So cute!!! Too bad about the local merchants.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Christy - It's the price of living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. But, the mountains are beautiful!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

They are so pretty! I am sure everyone will enjoy them a lot!