Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kids Bolo Tie Craft for Father's Day (maybe)

The younger kids are in VBS this week, with a cowboy theme, like many around the country. I don't usually like to blatantly rip other peoples crafts off, but the craft they brought home yesterday, was so clever, and has so much potential to be reworked into a Father's Day craft, that I just can't resist sharing it - but I will let the craft leader know :)

They started with a star shaped piece of card stock, which they decorated with stickers, and jewels. For Father's Day, I think an oval with a picture of the kids glued on, framed with braided yarn, or twine, would work great.

On the back, they tightly, taped on a couple of 1/2 inch pieces of straw, side by side, through which they laced a black shoe lace, so it looped at the top.

Below the star, they laced both ends of shoe lace through one bead.

Then, they laced a few extra beads on each end, and tied knots to hold them. If you're making this for Father's Day, you might want to choose manlier colors for the beads, or use homemade play dough beads, even.

The star slides up, down on the lace, because of the straws, and can be held in place by the bead. It works perfectly - very slick.

It's great to be a homeschooler (but then, sometimes it's great to have outside influence, too!)


Ticia said...

I agree that is a craft worth ripping off of someone else.

Deborah Stewart said...

That is really cute! I am glad you (and your friend) shared it!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Very clever! Maybe next year we'll do something like this - this week I had to beg Anna to do a very lame card. Maybe I am lucky and she will do something in her summer camp.

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

That's a great VBS craft! We've got it next week and I'm counting down the days. ;)

Centers and Circle Time said...

VBS Rocks! I don't think I could convince my hubby to wear that tie but you are certainly right...it is pretty clever! Thanks for sharing:)

Unknown said...

i like this idea!