Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Physics Follow-ups.

We watched Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse, last night.  I had too chuckle at the fact that I had just posted about giving up on physics, and then found myself up late looking up physics tie-ins for the movie - but that's homeschooling for you.

We are currently off on completely different studies, but there are a few links I don't want to lose track of.

Discovery Education has a Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse virtual fieldtrip along with a few so-so STEM activity sheets dealing with the multiverse, and a couple of literature lead-ins for students (elementary up to grade 9).

Dr. Don Lincoln from Fermilab shows some of the equipment and theories used to inspire sequences of the film (this one might be as interesting for the artists in the family as for the scientists).

Myth Stories gives a very brief and simple explanation of the history of the multiverse theory.

Jame's Kakalios' The Physics of Superheroes (one of those unread books from our bookshelf) has a couple of math heavy chapters dealing with the old school Spider-Man issues (Chapter 3: The Day Gwen Stacy Died - Impulse and Momentum, and Chapter 4: Can He Swing From a Thread? - Centripetal Acceleration)

The Wired website also has a number of (math heavy-ish) physics themed posts about Spider-Man, such as this one, about his webs.

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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Ticia said...

This movie is on my to see list, but my husband is not at all excited about watching it.