Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snowflake Turkey Ornaments or Five Turkeys and a Peacock

Normally, we decorate our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, and each child has a series of "keepsake" ornaments to put up from the previous years, hopefully marking something special or unique to them from each Christmas past.  Over the years, the keepsakes have morphed from store bought, to mother crafted, to child-made.

This year, we're excited to have good friends joining us for Thanksgiving and staying through the weekend.  We decided, that rather than take time away from visiting with them,  we'd rather decorate the tree early (late would just seem sad).

As we've never decorated our tree before Thanksgiving before, I thought this year's ornaments should commemorate the event.  The local craft store obliged me, by throwing a bang up sale, and putting both the felt turkey crafts (which just happened to include blue heads - a perfect match for the snowflakes), and the snowflake ornament craft sets on fantastic sales.  I snatched a couple of each off the rack...

...and ran home to see what could be made by combining the two.  The girls saw me working away, and were soon making snowflake turkeys of their own.  Admittedly, it might have been a past curfew stall tactic on the part of the younger girls, and A(age 14) decided to go her own way, and make a peacock instead of a turkey (the one at the top without a gobble), but all in all it was a pretty pleasant time of crafting.

The boys were a little less enthusiastic.  D (age 12) who was busy watching "Top Gear" with his father, sprinted into the room, glanced around the table, and declared the sample turkey I had pieced together was exactly what he would have made.

"You don't mind gluing that together for me, do you Mom?  The show's on."

T (age 18) who has a strong dislike for "baby crafts" but a deep appreciation for tradition, came to the table late, after all the best snowflakes were taken, and had to settle for what was left.  He made a turkey, but he was not happy with the results, until Mommy jumped in (helicopter Mom to the rescue) and saved the day Christmas (not to brag or anything), by snipping out a quick bow tie, bringing a mother melting smile to the 18 year old's face, and restoring peace and order to our corner of the universe, with a now cool, kitchy, and not at all babyish, Dr. Who inspired, turkey snowflake ornament.

If only the rest of the world's problems were so easy to solve.


Phyllis said...

Those are adorable and uniquely special.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This is too funny! This will certainly be a memorable ornament!

Camie said...

I love it! You are seriously the most clever, creative mom ever. I can't wait to make our Christmas ornaments this year.

Ticia said...

That is an awesome story, and way to save the day Mom!

MaryAnne said...

What fun! I do love the bow tie :)