Monday, November 10, 2014

Snow Day Lego Hide and Seek

We got hit full force by the "polar vortex" sweeping across the country, today.   Really, that just means we had a good snow, but it was too cold to go outside and play (which is saying something in Montana). 

The view from our window.
It was okay though, because I was ready for the cabin fever with a recycled, and slightly rebooted activity from the summer (another way I'm keeping fall simple this year) - a snow themed, Lego set, hide and seek.

A couple of weeks ago I spotted some inexpensive little, Lego, snowmen sets, and snatched up three - one for each of the younger children.  They've been riding around under the front seat of the van since them, just waiting for a day like today.

So, all I had to do was sort through the children's Lego box for as many white blocks as I could find, mix them together with the pieces from the set, and dump them all out on the table, together with the snowman instructions...

 ...for the children to dig through to find the pieces they needed... build the snowmen...

 ...leaving all the extra white pieces for building a snow fort, or snow car, or snow village, or whatever else the blustery weather outside inspired, for their snowmen - inside where it was warm.

It was nice to have a snow day that didn't end with a trail of wet boots and mittens, or a spilled mug of hot chocolate - just happy Lego building at the table, and time left to snuggle up for a polar vortex viewing of The Day After Tomorrow with the teens.


MaryAnne said...

I love their snowman furniture! This is a great snow day activity.

Unknown said...


claireshomeeducation said...

Again, such a clever idea. It makes building them a little harder and more of a challenge for older children.