Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day of Fall - Owl Cookies

It's the first day of fall. At our house, that means it's time to make the owl cookies (click here for the recipe and instructions).

Conveniently, they baked up just in time to be enjoyed with the last chapter of Farley Mowat's Owls in the Family.

It's a fun, easy reader about the adventures of boy and his friends, and two owls they rescue on the prairies of Saskatchewan, one summer.  It reminded me of a Canadian Henry and Ribsy type story.  Though I have to admit, that these owl cookies usually bring to my mind another one of Beverly Cleary's classics.

“Susan, your owl is looking at something. What do you think he’s looking at?”
“Um-m.” Susan was taken by surprise.
“Um-m. Another owl?”
How dumb, thought Ramona. He’s looking at a bat, a mouse, a witch riding on a broomstick, Superman, anything but another owl. (excerpt from Ramona the Brave, chapter 5, "Owl Trouble")


Die fantastischen 5 said...

These are too cute!

Phyllis said...

They are cute! I like your traditions.

Ticia said...

With all of them grouped up together at first I thought butterflies.

I always felt bad for Ramona in that part of the story.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Happy fall! Those cookies look perfect for the first day. I am sure you will be enjoying it fully in your new house.

claireshomeeducation said...

I'm loving all your owl project, but I have a soft spot for the edible ones! Very yummy looking!

MaryAnne said...

What a fun tradition! I love that these include chocolate and are easy to mass produce.

Unknown said...

You are TOO clever- love the "Ramona" conversation you added at the end of the post! Ha!

Joelle said...

I love your owls! It's a great way to start a discussion about owls and the importance to protect them. I find owls fascinating! And by the way, your cookies look just delicious!