Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bible Alive! Tuesday, The Battle For the Promised Land (A What's in the Bible? Review)

The older children (ages 9-13) finally, finished up reading the Pentateuch last week, and started into Joshua on Monday. So this weekend, I picked up Phil Vischer's What's in The Bible? #4, The Battle For The Promise Land, covering Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.

I think it's awfully nice of Mr. Vischer to stay one step ahead of our reading, so the children can have a nice kid-friendly introduction to the books, before they read them.

This fourth instalment in the series, might be my favorite so far, too. What really impressed me, was when I told the children the fourth disk was out, my 13 year old asked if we could get it right away. I never would have expected he'd be sold on a series full of Sesame Street-esq puppets.

What he really likes about it is, that unlike Veggie Tales, it tells the facts about the books of the Bible, and offers definitions for hard words, like apostasy. I like, that it explains the tricky bits, like all the killing, that takes place in Joshua - or at least makes some good headway into explaining it. I'm sure I still have lots of interesting conversations ahead.

My only "complaint" was with the summary of the book of Ruth. The format is great. It's done as a popsicle stick puppet theater presentation (click, here, to see it for yourself). But, it's overly condensed. One of Naomi's sons, and daughter-in-law, is left out entirely. And, the concept of kindred-redeemer, is not explained as clearly, as it could have been. Instead, quite a bit of time is spent on confusing jokes about how Naomi's husband, and son might have died (run over by a bus, etc).

But, I thought the summary of Joshua was excellent. And, I love, LOVE, the Fabulous Bentley Brothers' "Judges" song (you can view it too, here, on YouTube). Though, I'll admit part of why I love it so much, is the loud groan, that comes from the children, whenever they see these guys.

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It's great to be a homeschooler.


Unknown said...

I didn't even know that Phil had this curriculum out- how COOL! I will most definitely checking this series out.

(Oh, and I DO think it is very considerate of Phil to keep one step ahead of your Bible lesson plans- how helpful...)

Ticia said...

I totally love these videos. Superman requested to watch them today and it totally made my day.

I've heard you can get the songs on CD or MP3 download, and I so want to do that. I'm with you LOVE the Bentley Brothers.

Marcee said...

Leah, you got us hooked on these DVD's. I ordered the fourth one for the boys for Christmas! Maybe you should get some kind of commission?

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Treasure in heaven Marcee - treasure in heaven :)