Monday, April 12, 2010

Hatching Egg Craft - It's Just Ducky

I need to send a thank you out to Brimful of Curiosities for mentioning they were looking for books about ducks, and eggs. It got me thinking that a ducky sort of egg book, would go perfectly with our egg sighting at the duck pond, this weekend.

I lucked out too, because the one our library had in - Jane Simmons' Daisy and the Egg, was especially perfect for the egg we saw.

Notice, that the duck is not actually sitting on the egg. My husband and I decided later, it was probably a dud egg, and had been abandoned (a fact we didn't share with the younger children). We're hoping there are productive eggs somewhere more hidden, around the pond, so later in the spring, we'll be able to spot some ducklings.

The egg, in Daisy and the Egg, holding Daisy's little brother, is nearly abandoned in the same way. As Mama Duck says, "Some eggs just don't hatch." But, Daisy convinces her to sit on the egg one more night, and in the morning is greeted by the "Pip, pip, pip" of the new duckling.

To go with the story, I modified a chick craft from, by rounding off the bill. Happily, chicks, and ducklings look a lot alike!

I started, by cutting out two identical egg shapes for each girl, out of construction paper. Card stock would work even better. Then, I cut slightly smaller, eggy shaped, chick bodies, in yellow, and bills in orange.

The girls, at least my five year old, cut one of their eggs in half, with a zigzag cut.

Then, they glued the chick bodies to the uncut egg shapes...

...and the bottom part of the second egg, over that.

They finished their ducklings by gluing on the bills, googly eyes, and a few craft feathers, for decoration.

And, I added the top half of the shells, with paper fasteners. So, the eggs can be opened, to reveal the ducklings, inside. No dud eggs at this pond!

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Debbie said...

This is so adorable!

I have been looking for paper fasteners here for some of our crafts, would you believe I can not find any at all.

Unknown said...

Definitely NOT a dud- in fact, it's just darling!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

How cute - this is really a neat project that can get some play time.

Ticia said...

Very cute, and the book looks pretty cute too.

Elise said...

What an adorable craft. My children would also love to play with these. They would make great props/puppets for songs and stories.

Thank you for your kind words about the birth of our daughter. I really apprecaite your well wishes and thoughts.

Brimful Curiosities said...

So I am now following your blog...wouldn't want to miss any other exciting posts! We will post about our duck reads when the eggs at school hatch. I found a few cute ones but not Daisy and the Egg! Will have to look that one up.

Anonymous said...

nice, abit uneat but for a child it is a great activity