Thursday, June 11, 2009

Frugal Boredom Buster - Super Hero Climbing Creature

We returned to today, to try out the climbing creature. All that is required for this project is some string, or yarn, a drinking straw, an empty cereal box, or some poster board, scissors, glue, a little tape, a penny, and a printer, if you want to print out the creature template offered on the site (it looks a little like a gingerbread man with its hands up). What you end up with is a little man who climbs magically up a string while you pull down on either end.

We started out by using the suggested template. After we saw how it worked, we decided our little guy should be a super hero. So, we printed out a super hero paper doll template from (this is an excellent site for paper dolls, I've used them at home, and for AWANA, and Sunday school crafts many times before).

We backed our paper doll with cardboard, and added a penny for weight under his shirt. When we added the straws to his hands, we made sure they were at enough of an angle allow friction with the string, so that he would move up instead of just sliding down. The Science Toy Maker provides a nice explanation of friction and slip, and why this toy works.
The kids, even my oldest, had a great time with this one. I printed out several more doll templates, so I imagine soon we'll have a climbing creature on every door knob in the house. This would make a great craft, or take home favor for a super hero themed birthday party. It certainly made a good boredom buster, and thought provoker, for us today.

It's great to be a homeschooler.

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