Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Fun 2014 - Building a Simple Card House

We had torrential rains, and gale force winds all day, or at least winds strong enough to blow the patio furniture around.  It seemed like a good time for teaching the children - and you - how to build my favorite card house.

I hope you like it, because it's the only one I know how to build.

But, who knows, with a stormy weekend ahead, maybe the children will come up with something a little more...Brady-ish.

From The Brady Bunch - Season 1, Episode 15

Now, if we only had some green stamps.


MaryAnne said...

I need to teach this to my kids!

Sheltie Times said...

Sometimes the old unknown becomes cool again.

Ticia said...

That's probably about the same one I know, or very similar. That Brady episode is always amazing to me: 1. They had that many cards, and 2. They actually got it that big.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Another thing from your blog goes on my "to do" list :D