Saturday, December 17, 2011

Melted Candy Cane Stars

My sister very sweetly sent the children each a box of candy canes. Unfortunately, the delivery men apparently drop kicked her package all the way from Texas to Montana, breaking most of the candy canes into pieces.

Sorting through the pieces today, deciding which might make good gingerbread house siding, and which should be crushed for stained glass windows, I was reminded of the melted candy cane hearts I always see after Christmas and wish I'd saved enough candy canes to make . Then, I remembered our pretzel stars (thanks Christy), and decided it might be fun to morph the two ideas.

We made five pointed stars with our pretzels, but after fiddling around with the candy canes for a while, I decided six pointed stars would be a lot easier.

Each star takes six straight pieces of candy cane, about the same length. You can put broken pieces together, to make up the length on any short pieces.

Arrange them on a greased, tinfoil covered cookie sheet, in equilateral triangles - two for each star.

Place them in a 300 degree Fahrenheit oven for about five minutes, or until they start to look melted.

Let them cool for a minute or two to harden back up. Then, use a spatula to lift half the triangles off the cookie sheet. Position them upside down on top of the other triangles, to form stars...

...and pop them back in the oven for another four or five minutes at 300 degrees, until they begin to melt again.

Remove them from the oven, and let them cool completely before lifting them from the cookie sheet.

Tie a ribbon through one of the points, for hanging...

...or eat them as they are.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Christy Killoran said...

They are beautiful!

We made candy cane popcorn earlier - an option for crushed candy cane pieces!

Ticia said...

Or sneak them off the tree and eat those ones too. I love candy canes.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

What a neat idea - I am now considering of making a few as Hanukkah party favors!

Phyllis said...

They would make greak Hanukkah stars! Crushed candy canes can be used for so many things!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Raising a Happy Child - We have some blueberry candy canes, that are blue - I was thinking with a white ribbon, they'd be perfect for Hanukkah.

Unknown said...

Very cool! I did this once with the hook on the candy cane. Put two together to make a heart and then put a lollipop stick to where the point meets. Then you have a heart shaped candy cane pop. Maybe I'll have to post that recipe soon. :) Take care!