Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Fun and Reading

Our reading this week, was very connected in to what we were doing from day to day.

As I mentioned, we read about why leaves change color in the fall, while we colored in fall leaf tessellations...

...but cutting the leaves out and placing them over a colored tree was inspired more by the Susan Swan's amazing painted and cut paper collage's illustrating Kelli Nidey's When Autumn Falls. I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of work that went into each page, but the depth of the detail puts Eric Carle to shame.

Then, we read Crescent Dragonwagon's Bat In the Dining Room...

...because of the bats in our own dining room.

The book is not so much a fall story, as a late summer, humorous poem, written for all the budding scientists and artists out there, who understand the wonder and importance of quiet observation in a fun loving, but chaotic world.

Speaking of poetry...

...we found a number of very good collection of children's poetry for the fall, all of which contain at least one or two titles dedicated to pumpkins, and I imagine pumpkins will be our next "theme of the week", thanks to Jane Kurtz's easy reader, and a certain holiday we'll be marking here in the States, on Monday.

Of course, our neighbors to the north will be celebrating an entirely different holiday...which reminds me, it's time to stock up on pretzels, popcorn, jelly beans and bread, so we can join our friends and family in Canada in giving thanks - Charlie Brown style.

Whew! Don't you just love the fall?

Don't forget, you can find more children's book reviews and recommendations at this week's What My Child Is Reading link-up hosted by Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Debbie said...

I am going to see if I can get my hands on those leaf books. Selena is now asking so many questions.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

What a busy reading week you had and how many plans ahead! Thanks for joining WMCIR.

Ticia said...

I love the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special.

That last bat book looks really cute.

Charlene Juliani said...

So many books that I have never seen before...must remember to pay my library fines (teehee).

Love the bats...dare I say cute!

Julie said...

What a great collection of books about Fall. I may see if our library has that Columbus book. I was surprised to hear that neither of my kid's teachers discussed Columbus Day yesterday. I guess that's something we'll have to learn about a little late!