Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm "It", Again!

I was tagged, last week, by Christina at The Story of Us , in the get-to-know-you-better, game of tag, going around the blogosphere. If you missed my last "tag" post - the game is pretty simple. Christina has asked eight questions. I'm suppose to answer them, and then pass questions along to some of you.

Here are Christina's questions:

1.How has your homeschooling philosophy changed over the years?

I'm definitely more laid back now, than I was at the beginning. I was push, push, push with my first couple, when we started. Now I'm more about taking time, and letting them enjoy the learning at the levels they are at.

2.What is one of your favorite “guilty pleasures”?

I enjoy reading Star Wars novels. They are complete mind candy, but I love reading about the exploits of Han, Leia, and their children Did you know one of their sons turned to the dark side?
See what I mean? It's completely useless information.

3.Favorite children's author?

Beverly Cleary.

4.Favorite homeschool resource?

The public library.

5.What is one of your secret ambitions?

If I told you, then it wouldn't be secret :) But, I have always wanted to rule the world.

6.What is your favorite place you have lived?If you have only lived in one place what is your favorite thing about that place?

I have lived in several different places, and our current location is my favorite. The mountains are beautiful, and the climate is dry enough my allergies don't bother me.

7.What are your top 2 reasons for homeschooling?

I always figured if I was going to have to do homework with the children anyway, I might as well teach them myself - at least then, I can make sure the homework is interesting, and fits with our schedule.

And, I really like our family mornings. The thought of pulling everyone out of bed early, and rushing like mad to get out the door, with everyone dressed, and fed, and ready to go - it makes me tired to think of it.

8.If life were simpler ;0) what would you like to spend more time doing?

Probably, more of what I'm already doing. I'm really happy with all the things I get to do now, but I wouldn't mind having even more time to do them.

Now, since I've already been tagged once, and passed the questions along, this time I thought I'd throw out a single, "hot topic" question (to borrow a phrase from Natalie of Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns), for you to answer in the comments, if you'd like.

Do you celebrate Halloween, and if you don't, why not? For instance, is it a matter of faith, habit, or culture - are you from a country, that simple doesn't celebrate it?

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Anonymous said...

We know all the thoughts on both sides - wildly conservative to wildly embracing the spooky. We've gone through phases of trying to make it an evangelistic mission of sorts - and have come to just settle into enjoying the whole month of October to really savor Fall, Harvest and Fun. The boys did not trick or treat last year and really want to do it this year. We've been invited to a couple of parties and will go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium to their Haunted House of sorts. I think Knowledge is key. Fear is not. :)

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

we don't celebrate halloween because we are Jewish and it's not a Jewish holiday. I did celebrate it growing up, but it doesn't work with my belief system now.

Christy Killoran said...

I love your reasons for homeschooling. I often wish we didn't have the chaotic rush of getting everyone to school in the morning. I also would love to stay in my pajamas longer! Do you homeschool in pajamas? I think I would every day!

We celebrate Halloween. Before I started reading blogs, I never really knew anyone who didn't and never thought much about why people wouldn't. I certainly understand the reasons why people don't but for us Halloween is about dressing up and being silly. My kids would say it's all about the candy.

I would love to know more about your decision not to celebrate Halloween.

Kylie said...

Love your point number 7....this Tag thing ould really gon forever couldn't it hehehe

Phyllis said...

We celebrate Halloween as a simple, fun holiday for children. Fun dressing up, fun getting candy from neighbors, fun bobbing for apples, etc. Yes, we could do all of that with a fall party instead, but for us there has been some good in our kids exploring what makes them scared in a safe context of a holiday. It all works for us.

Summer Kinard said...

We don't celebrate it as a scary day like the popular culture. We try to inform our son about the Christian roots of the day, Eve of the Feast of All Saints. So last year, the first year we dressed Pip up, he dressed as an archangel. We parents dressed as martyrs, too - Perpetua and Andrew. Not sure what we're going for this year, but I thought my son was really cute dressed as an archangel (from Orthodox icons), so I might revamp the costume.

That said, we still give out candy to the kids who knock on the door, because we see that part as a pretty harmless way to show hospitality.

Butterfly said...

I love your answers 6, 7 and 8 :)

We don't celebrate Halloween, and I prefer to avoid all things gruesome and garish in the shops during that festival. I find it ugly, but I know for many it is fun.

One reason is we don't feel it matches our desire to live by Philippians 4:8 (dwell on things which are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there be any virtue & praise). My life is smoother and my mind more peaceful if I try and stick to that.

Even before I became a Christian, I didn't like anything dark and spooky (my imagination runs away too easily).

And my husband and I both are just not into festivals, traditions of men, dress ups and commercialization. We prefer to enjoy what's special to us, be it dinner with friends or relatives, fellowship around the Bible or a sunny day at the beach.

Sorry for the long answer! I'm an essay kind of girl.

Lady Chadwick said...

We don't 'celebrate' but we do participate. My daughter wants us to change the name. She likes to dress up but has no fondness for it's pagan roots.

Can we call it Masquerade day?

pippasmum said...

It's funny, I wrote a blog post about this last week - here's a link if anyone wants to read it - http://pippasmum.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloween-dilemma.html

We really struggle on this one and have decided, for now, while the kids are little, that we can control it enough that it is harmless fun (and can fit with Philippians 4:8). Down the road, when the kids are older and it's harder to keep them away from the dark aspects, we may rethink our decision.

Great question!

kewkew said...

We do not celebrate Halloween. It was 14 years ago that I read a book and began to understand that pagan practices are rooted deep in all the traditions of the "holiday." I have done different things over the years, from ignoring it completely, to having a movie night with the kids (watching Casper), to handing out candy with a message in an attempt to witness. I think the latter is what we will be doing this year.
Our church has a harvest party sometime in October for the Venture Clubbers and they can dress up like Bible characters. They play games and have food.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I am jealous - you live in the place you love and enjoy everything you do. I can also feel this contentment from your posts. On the subject of Halloween - it's not my favorite holiday. I hate horror movies and scary things. It's also not the holiday celebrated in my country. My husband likes it even less. But we do allow Anna to go out and trick-or-treat and give out candy. By the way, a lot of our neighbors are crazy about Halloween and have a lot of spooky decorations. Anna repeats "it's all plastic" mantra every time we pass those houses.

Ticia said...

Okay, now that I've read the comments I've totally forgotten what I was going to say about one of the questions you answered. Oh well.

We celebrate Halloween, mainly as a chance to dress up and act silly. My kids are having fun with ghost books, but they're big fans of Scooby Doo, where the ghost is always a person in a mask.

So, no real problem with Halloween.

Jennifer said...

Fall and Halloween are our most favorite times of the year. We celebrate and LOVE it all - the colors, the traditions (old and new), the foods, the smells, and the excitement of participating in all the harmless scary fun. LOVE IT!

Debbie said...

I enjoyed reading your answers. We do not celebrate Halloween. One side of this issue is a religious preference, but that is not the entire reason. The last time I ever celebrated Halloween was when I was in 7th grade. Something too horrible to even put into print happened to two of my best friends at a church in front of where we lived. I have never wanted to celebrate it again after that. We do enjoy a good harvest theme gathering without costumes, games, and treats.

Claire in Tasmania said...

I'm a mum to 2 toddlers in Tasmania, Australia, and I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and thought it was about time I said a 'thank you.' I'm looking forward to 'almost unschooling' my 2 (or more, as the case may be ;)) as they grow, and I find all the things you do and write about hugely inspiring.

Halloween isn't a traditional holiday here in Australia, but you can bet the supermarkets and shopping centres are trying to encourage us to take it on - any excuse to sell more stuff :grr. We won't be getting involved. Our experiences in spiritual warfare prayer would put us off, too, if we were at all interested.