Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Trial Membership - Vocabulary And SpellingCity

Earlier this summer, I gave a quick review of our experiences and impressions of Time4Learning.com, an online curriculum supplement. While the website did not turn out to be quite right for us, I was intrigued with a few of the other learning sites linked to the site, such as Time4Writing.com, or VocabularySpellingCity.com.

So, when I received an offer to try a premium membership for up to five children in the family, at VocabularySpelling.com, in exchange for another review, I certainly wasn't going to turn it down.

Below is the disclosure provided with the offer, and a link to the site, where you might be able to check it out, with a similar offer, yourself.


I've been given a premium membership to VocabularySpellingCity.com for a candid, personal, online review.

VocabularySpellingCity.com helps students study word lists using 25 different learning activities such as Crossword Puzzle, HangMan, and Handwriting Worksheets. Parents can create their own spelling lists, find published lists already available on the site, or use any of dozens of free teaching resources such as sound-alike words, and contractions. Be sure to come back in three weeks to read about my experience.

There might be more free memberships available for bloggers. If you're interested, find out how you can review

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Mandy Jo said...

we use spelling city for my Daughter's spelling words. It was a lifesaver last year when the school started using it. This year the teacher doesn't use it, so I got my own account and use it religiously. She also uses quizlet.com which is great for flashcards!

Kristy Hom said...

We love spellingcity, too! I really like how you can choose your own definitions of words, (with the premium membership) to make the experience more personalized.

Christy Killoran said...

I'll keep this in mind.

lusi said...

This is one of our fave sites too! Our 3 eldest really enjoy playing the games associated with their lists and I love that I can add lists that suit our kiddos needs.
Lusi :-)

Eddie said...

We're testing it out too - I'll be interested to see how our kids' experiences with it compare.

Nicole said...

Great info, thanks!