Friday, July 22, 2011

Drawing With Chalk on Wet, Starched Fabric

We experimented with chalk, and starch drawing today, with an idea from MaryAnn F. Kohl's Preschool Art: Drawing (you can preview the book in Google Books).

I cut a few scraps of cotton fabric into squares, and gave them a quick soak in liquid starch.

Wringing the squares out...

...I laid them flat, in pans, and had the girls color on them with colored chalk.

It worked out great, as the starch not only let the chalk blend out a bit, but really brightened the colors, and "set" it on the fabric (as long as it's not washed), so it won't rub off.

Making the dried pieces perfect for hanging - framed in popsicle sticks, stretched across embroidery hoops, or with twigs and twine, or whatever happens to be handy.

It's great to be a homeschooler.


Charlene Juliani said...

Well, that's a neat idea!

Candace Novakowski said...

that is SO cool! Gonna have to do that for a craft with the kids soon!

Debbie said...

Oh Man and we just threw out a jug of starch at church, but who knows how long it had been there, does starch get old?

Lisa said...

I love that technique. And although I don't have any preschoolers, I still think my children will enjoy this too. :)

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

love it, we have some really bright coloured chalk this would be great for!

Christy Killoran said...

That's great! I love Mary Ann Kohl's books.

Phyllis said...

Those are so sweet. It was amazing how much the color popped out!

Ticia said...

What a cool idea!

Unknown said...

I just love when someone posts something from one of my books, especially when it has been a positive fun experience. Wasn't this one easy? (Sounds like something from Preschool Art). Please invite your readers to stop by my blog for more ideas and insights as well as my website that has free activities:

I love your photos!

MaryAnn Kohl
art book author
Thank you for sharing creativity and inspiring others!!!